Nonso was a strong contender in a previous season of The Voice Nigeria who can be likened to an artiste with very unique talent. His rich baritone voice oozes some Michael Bolton vibes, we feel Nonso may be our ticket to back when music had a deeper meaning and could literally piece through the soul.

Going from opening Asa’s Encore concert to starring in the Africa magic TV show, Battleground, this double threat is slowly but surely finding his way in this cut-throat industry.

Most recently, the art-dedicated singer released a new single, For You, accompanied with a dreamy video; one of international appeal. While he is quickly winning a place in our hearts, he may still need to clearly distinct himself from the likes of Nonso Amadi and Ric Hassani (which would make a collaboration even more mind blowing). We got our eyes on him, Nonso Bassey is certainly one to watch!


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