If Professor Utonium was to recreate Rema in the laboratory, we can confidently guess the ingredients we would request for. One, a blood sample from Wizkid. Two, another blood sample of equal amount from Burna Boy. Three, a strand of hair from T-Pain. Mixed with the infamous ‘chemical X’ and BOOM! we have a Rema.

The very first minute we heard Rema perform, we had an instant conviction and we dashed to find out a very important information; we inquired what management Rema is under. Mavin f*cking records!

Born Divine Ikubor in 2001, the Edo state indigene started out singing and rapping in schools and churches and afterwards, he would be discovered by Nigerian artiste, D’Prince before landing a deal with Mavin.

The lad appeared the music scene with an already-made style. His authentic fashion sense has already won him a unique identity (who else tucks in every shirt into track pants and still looks awesome?). The likes of Fela Kuti had successfully blended fashion and persona into music, which gives a deeper sense to the songs rendered. Having a place in the world of fashion is a catalyst to getting more recognition in the entertainment sector today.

Rema poses with artiste and owner of JonzingWorld records, D’ Prince.

Social media has largely helped in the wide spread and popularity of Rema’s music. You can instantly become a fan by listening to just one of his clips online. Rema has once or twice been teased for his young age. “Are you not on a mid-term break?” a troll would ask. The question of whether Rema should focus on getting a tertiary education (first) may have been debated online.

Rema’s emergence may have come at a very good time when Mavin recently got a multimillion dollar investment from Kupanda Holdings, a move to further grow the Nigerian music industry and the talents within.

There is no denying when you encounter a talent as sure as Rema even Don Jazzy himself confirmed, “Rema is a formidable young artist, with his skill and versatility, he has a unique place in the future of afrobeats.”

His music delivery sounds beyond an 18-year-old and with such a refined and soulful tune, Rema is hard to resist. A club banger, almost a street anthem; even DJ Cuppy is feeling the beat. His music is quickly spreading, even out of the shores of Nigeria. A Rema-nation is arising. Get ready for a TAKE OVER!

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