Actually, it’s not what you think. It’s not because of some universal power testing your patience…

It’s because, success in any industry often take a very daring understanding of two primary factors:

A. The market aka the industry — how it works, what works, what doesn’t work etc

B. The customer — who needs this, why, where, when and how best to serve them… Plus, do they even know I’ve got the solution?

In my experience, it takes an average of 2-15years to fully understand the MARKET and your CUSTOMERS. That is assuming you’re very committed.

UNDERSTANDING the market and the customer is not an activity — it’s a journey.

As you grow, you’ll realize how the market is constantly evolving and shifting.

You’ll get feedback from customers on how best to serve them, where best to reach them and how best to sell to them.

You’ll begin to understand the language of the customer.

You’ll begin to grasp the depth of their pain and the actual stuffs they need (customers don’t often know exactly what they need).

At this point, they’ll start gathering around you because you’re speaking their language.

It becomes easier for you to create the right product from feedback and reports.

This time, you’ll be creating a product that has a customer that’s already begging to pay for it.

Unlike before… When you created the product and went to find the costumer.

Doing business in Africa is a stuff for the tough. You have little to no solid research institution that will provide you with proper insights.

You have little angel investor or venture capitalist willing to take the risk with you.

You’ll learn through trial error.

Some may not make it to the final stage before they start applying for jobs.

It’s hard. It’s tough.

Be hard. Be tough.

Stay in the game!!!!

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