Chy Nwakanma is notable for her role in Lowladee’s This is it, where she played a young, modern wife trying to navigate through marriage and business with little knowledge about how both are supposed to work out (jointly). A good enough performance, considering it was only her first major appearance in television, now setting her as the fast rising actress with prospects and potentials.

At this time, we would like to see her in more “girl about town” roles, she could easily re-live Rita Dominic’s early years when “parking gel” was the real deal and will in fact have to wear the hairstyle to fully convince Nigerians.

The Theatre Arts graduate may be on the petite side but she does have a lot of energy. The actress prides herself as a fitness enthusiast – she might challenge you to some push-ups on first meeting (watch out for that). Miss Nwakanma does have a sense of humour which suits her for a romantic comedy, that Sex And The City kind of humour.

Chy attends the UN’s International Youths day event in Abia state. INSTAGRAM

She already has her feet in the door but we wouldn’t want her to rush through a portfolio of roles. At the current stage of her career, we want to see Chy be the sweet, adorable “girl next door” for a while until it is time to break out and transcend into dark and intense drama for which her experience in stage play will come in handy.

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