You may recognize him as the dark-skinned youth with a short afro haircut and a black turtle neck, long sleeve top that makes you wonder how he survives in temperate Lagos, Fisayo is one of the few young tech experts in Nigeria who are (practically) taking their craft seriously.

The 23-year-old graphic designer and visual storyteller would attribute his love for technology to his uncle who would visit their home carrying the latest gadgets that seemed all attractive to (Fisayo) back then as a child living in Ajegunle, a popular community in the heart of Lagos.

Soon after launching his YouTube channel roughly three years ago and making a particular product review, the Economics graduate began to garner much attention. In recent time, more and more people are becoming “technologically aware” and just like fashion, more people want to get on with the latest trends when it comes to gizmos, they could certainly do with some professional guidance.


To stay on this path, in a country where science and technology goes between ‘dwindling’ and ‘catching up’ can be hard to build a career in – some stopped along the way, some had to relocate to countries where high-tech thrives. Fisayo continues to strive.

As hopefully things improve in Nigeria, we need the likes of Fisayo to inspire this generation and the coming generation in this rather complex field, much sensitization/awareness needs to be made on technology and its use, even in this age when social media and online businesses have a huge place in our daily lives.

It will be exciting to see in the next few years; the technological advancements in the global world; how Nigeria adapts to such changes; and what Fisayo Fosudo will be doing all the while (and perhaps, he will transcend into wearing a futuristic metallic turtleneck).

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