Top model turned filmmaker Chika Lann took the bull by the horn right after walking over hot coal that is the business of movie production. This woman has got some guts. You can quickly recall her by her exotic hairstyle, the one she claims is worth tens of millions of naira. If Gianni Versace knew earlier, he would have used her signature hairstyle for his famous fashion house’s logo instead.

But these days, the talent has let her hair down for a very serious business – one which is not for the faint at heart. We had a chat with Mrs. Lann about her directorial debut and first feature film which stars an impressive cast of Ramsey Nouah, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Toyin Abraham, Ali Nuhu, Ayo Makun (AY Comedian) and Nancy Isime.

What was the inspiration behind this enormous production?
First of all, I didn’t start it enormous. It just grew to this level. I just wanted to make a film that will really entertain people. Under the bell and whistles, it’s a story that I feel every Nigeria can relate to. 

(Without giving out any spoilers) Tell us a bit about the tunnel in this film that was reportedly dug/created for 8 million naira.
The tunnel is a vital part of the film. It’s not just a plot device but a major element of the film. Of course it had to be done well. I am not just satisfied with the fact that something like that hasn’t been done before, I also want it to be authentic. Authenticity costs money. We had considered different options but at the end we just had to do it physically making provisions for lights, air and the actors safety. 

What’s the one thing that will totally blow our minds in this movie?
Not just one thing, several things will blow people’s mind. The story line for one. The acting, oh la la! The actors brought in their A games. The attention to details and the unexpected turns and twists. 

A scene from ‘The Millions’. CHIKA LANN FILMS

We are curious to know: Do you still make your statement hairstyle for 40 million naira?
Definitely, yes. It’s my trademark. I might rock other hairs but I will always return back to my crown. 

Would you say The Millions is the biggest HEIST movie in all of Africa?
Yes, it is. The scope, the ensemble cast and the production value position it in the very top spot. 

When can we see this movie at the cinemas and what should we expect from star actors like Ramsey, AY and Blossom?
The movie is hitting the cinemas on 30th August. There will be advanced screening in some selected cinemas across the country though. Expect nothing but the very best!


The Millions will be showing at cinemas from the 30th of August 2019.

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