Some of you may already be tired of the regular pasta – most times, it’s the usual macaroni/spaghetti and stew or its jollof version. We all should embrace any opportunity to add more vegetables into our meals, here in Nigeria, we sometimes ignore these vital nutrients because time and our hectic schedules won’t let us eat right.

So today, we’ll show you how to make this healthy vegetable pasta which will take about 30 minutes to make. It will be packed with some nutritious goodness. (This particular recipe will not include actual measurement for ingredients as this meal is very D.I.Y which means you are liberty to add whatever you wish or what suits your taste, for example, you may decide to throw in broccolis or other vegetables of your choice not listed here).

You’ll need:

  • Pasta (any of your choice)
  • Groundnut oil
  • Onions
  • Tomato paste & fresh pepper
  • Spices (curry, ginger, garlic)
  • Salt & Seasoning cubes
  • Vegetables (spring onions, green pepper, carrots)

How to make:

Parboil your pasta for about 7 minutes and sieve it to place aside while we make the sauce. Heat up your groundnut oil and add your tomato paste and sliced pepper and onions to fry. Pour in some water (just enough to complete boiling the parboiled pasta), then add your salt, seasoning cubes and spices.

Pour in your parboiled pasta (in case your pasta is not parboiled, then break the sticks/pour it in). Ensure the water you added in your sauce did not overly drown the pasta because at end we wouldn’t want it to be too soft or porridge-like.

After boiling and the water is almost dried up, pour in your sliced vegetables and stir. Allow to simmer for a just a bit and your veggie pasta is ready.

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