She has been around since the days when Essence sang the theme song for Superstory, and Wale Adenuga was essentially the entertainment producer of Nigeria, then making her way to the silver screen long after we wondered if she was cursed and abandoned to the small screen knowing fully well she has an overpouring of potentials.  

Bankole’s unique look stands her apart and she delivers a contrasting effect in a line-up of movie cast. Glowing chocolate skin, sparkly eyes, beautiful dentition and envious dimples, she could very well pass for ‘exotic’ when virtually over half of Nollywood actresses today all look alike. Having been a model for brands, notably the face of Lux beauty soap in 2007, Bankole has used all those experiences as a stepping stone to launch her own fashion accessory brand, partnering with Gbenga Ayo-Dada of Gbenga Artsmith to create a glamorous line of tasteful jewelry comprising precious metals and ornaments. 

Celebrities are notorious for simply plastering their names onto brands and sit for the cash to roll in, only a few are really soaked into the production process. For Bankole, her new project is actually personal to her and one she is very passionate about, involving herself in pre-production and working hard in post-production to ensure optimal customer’s satisfaction.

For our Q3 2019 cover feature, we recognize Kehinde Bankole as the model that she is. We invoked her beauty into a mannequin and we wondered why the fashion industry wouldn’t want to use mannequins that looks just like her. On the cover, KennyBankween, an alter-ego we created, adorns “THE GENNY,” a gold neckpiece from KennyBanks collection. 

What is the Standard of Beauty?

So what really does it mean to be beautiful? Long hair? Fair skin? Pointed chin? Full lips? Round butt? Having a “Coco-cola bottle” silhouette? For so long, the choice to have a lighter skin has presided over the embrace of darker skin tones, we should all have Beyonce and Wizkid’s Brown Skin Girl to thank for the recent reinforcement of the love of Lupita Nyongo’s type of competition. Yet, the argument may never cease and the constant battle of what race is more appealing may never end, but we say true beauty begins with how you feel on the inside regardless your skin colour or what size or body shape you have.

2019 has been quite the busy year for Bankole -shuffling Nollywood, entrepreneurship and family. One of her notable movie projects, The Set Up, where she starred alongside heavyweights like Joke Silva, Tina Mba, Jim Iyke, Dakore Akande and bestie Adesua Etomi-Wellington has been quite the buzz. And the viewers are always excited to see Bankole share the same screen with Adesua, their friendship play out some interesting dynamics, one that can be likened to that of Hollywood stars, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

Our cover star deserves the spotlight she gets and much more. She has paid the price of diligence, hardwork and perseverance and continues to push further; challenging herself to be better. We have no doubt that with this momentum, Kehinde Bankole is set to become one of Nollywood’s most sought-after faces and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.

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