The last quarter of 2019 is upon us and you know it’s almost time to head again to our personal scoreboards to see what worked out or what is working out or what didn’t work out altogether.

It’s October and the month started off with heavy downpour (writing from Lagos), it really deterred any outing or outdoor celebrations for that matter. Making much buzz today was the President’s Independence Day speech which many believed was quite erroneous and didn’t exactly reflect the true state of the country.

In the world of Entertainment, notably, Burna Boy just released the video of his new single, Another Story, and the visuals are as captivating as there are dramatic, you have to see it!

Three months to the end of 2019, the pressure is on, right? You know, we always make it look like if you don’t amount to much by December then you are a failure. When you go on in life with this notion, you are only setting yourself up for depression, the truth is that not every year will be the same, some will turn out really great, some will turn out to be fair enough, some may not be an entirely good year but what should never change is your motivation and outlook to life.

So as you head to the scoreboard of your life, rate yourself with a little mercy BUT only if you know that you’ve put in your very best since the start of the year and if your score may be a little lower compared to all the hardwork, do have a little faith, and a little patience and trust that things will eventually work out to your favour.

Continue to work hard. Continue to believe.

I am really proud of all the amazing contents that have been published on this platform. My goal remains to ensure you are inspired, enlightened and entertained and as we proceed, I look forward to working with some of the best talents there is to keep to this goal. I want to thank you so much for visiting and I beseech you to visit on a daily as we are dedicated to publishing contents everyday. I love writing to you at the start of every quarter and I love you for reading.

I am Justice Okwudike — founder and chief editor of FASHIONISTA! Magazine.

Happy Q4 2019 and happy end-of-year festive celebrations in advance!

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