Osas’ celebrity status was confirmed the night she led a traditional dance troupe in the opening performance of the fifth edition of the AMVCAs in 2015 where she choreographed and gave the most excellent poetic rendition of “What If I Am African?” Spanning for long minutes, I was convinced that a Nollywood star has incredibly retentive memory (for stage!)

You may recognized her from the long-running TV series Tinsel, Osas Ighodaro relocated to Nigeria about a decade ago from the US where she had earlier won the pageant for Miss Black USA (2010), to pursue a career in the entertainment industry of Africa’s booming country only to find many frustrating hindrances, one of which would be finance-related.

A dedicated humanitarian and the founder of health aid organization, JoyfulJoy Foundation, the curvy brown-skinned beauty is driving for a change in the health sector but her drive to starting up this movement was rather unfortunate. Osas had lost her pregnant sister to complications from malaria, now taking up this life-saving project in ensuring that many people (especially those in rural communities) get tested and treated for malaria, coupled with the education of several prevention methods in bid to eradicate the disease that has been reported by the WHO in 2017, of claiming up to 435,000 lives out of the 219 million infections from across 87 countries. Osas dedicates her foundation and its works to her late sister, Joy.

The Benin native had to navigate through life, love and career regardless. And then came award-winning director and producer, Dimeji Ajibola whose project could prove that Osas is not just an actress with a pretty face; stereotyped for “damsel-in-distress” roles. Osas may be having her own Aishwarya Rai in Enthiran robo-moment, only that it is neither fancy nor pretty.

And now, we will get to see Nigeria’s attempt in making a high-tech, sci-fi action film under the production of Flipsyde Studios and frankly, even if the graphics turn out to be what we saw in the first installment of James Cameron’s Terminator (1984), we would still encourage this movement.

1. Osas attends a ‘JoyfulJoy’ Foundation event. INSTAGRAM 2. Osas with her little baby girl. INSTAGRAM 3. Osas as host for entrepreneurial reality show, ‘The Next Titan’ ALEXIS OBAH 4. Osas and fellow ‘Tinsel’ actor, Gbenro Ajibade pose for a photo during their wedding in 2015 FOLA LAWAL 5. Osas during a Malaria prevention outreach under the umbrella of her humanitarian organization JOYFULJOY FOUNDATION 6. Osas sports red hair in a movie scene from ‘RATNIK’. FLIPSYDE STUDIOS

RATNIK takes us to an apocalyptic era, a futuristic time that reminds us of Niyi Akinmolayan’s Kajola (2009) which starred Desmond Elliot. RATNIK‘s trailer is quite convincing as long as we have seen. The scenery (and far away scenery) seem to convince us that many considerations have been put in place to ensure that the audience believe that the film was shot during an ‘apocalypse,’ matching fairly well with Hollywood’s 2010 post-apocalyptic action flick, The Book of Eli which starred Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis.

Dimeji will Survive

This is not just a “tasting-the-waters” moment for movie maker Dimeji Ajibola because from the look of things, he didn’t just put his feet in, he took a jump! It has taken roughly four years for this film to be made, a longer portion of it where it remained in post production for acute treatment.

Afro-futuristic fashion

It became a much harder time during the apocalypse with everyone looking like residents of District 9. Striving for survival was a daily mission and fashion was a far lesser consideration. Most of the characters were clad in neutral, warrior-in-a-forest looking outfits with multiple layers. Although we wondered if it was the right choice for temperate Nigeria or perhaps, it suddenly became cold during the apocalypse, for instance, one of the characters (played by Adunni Ade) wore full-on black layers comprising of thick wool in multiple scenes but somehow seem not to break a sweat, and the fact that her “well-moisturized” long weave was well styled is worth pondering on.

Osas sports a red hair for the main parts of RATNIK although clips showed her in initial black hair leaving us wondering again, the reason for a fashion makeover when style wasn’t a luxury, it however gave Osas the much needed edge for her characterization.

Hopefully Nigerians don’t find Osas’s action stunts as “deficient” as they thought of Adesua Etomi’s in Muna. Come November 2019, when RATNIK hit cinemas, all questions will be answered, both hopefuls and doubters will be matching to see the film; to give an applause or laugh out saying “I told you so.”

It’s a good time at the Nigerian box office. Welcome to the future!

Cover star
Osas Ighodaro
Written by
Justice Okwudike
Julius Yamah
Justice Okwudike

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