RATNIK is the sci-fi action film everyone is talking about. The anticipation is high owing to the fact that this type of movie genre is hardly ever explored in Nollywood (for obvious reasons), but this time, award-winning producer and director, Dimeji Ajibola in collaboration with Flipsyde Studios and literally taken the bull by the horns to make this high-tech wonder.

We spoke with one of the actors of RATNIK, Paul Utomi who plays a transformational character in this project to know his experience making this picture, what he thinks of lead actor, Osas Ighodaro’s performance and other important points.

Our conversation went thus;

Nollywood has attempted to make one or two sci-fi action films in the past but may not have attained critical-acclaim. What do you think is so spectacular about RATNIK?
This may not be Nollywood’s first attempt at sci-fi but there haven’t been too many others, so that makes this genre and its exploration by Nollywood producers seem a bit novel. I think people might be drawn to RATNIK because at the moment, it’s not everyday you see a Nigerian-made sci-fi action feature film. 

Tell us a bit about the character you played and what was the hardest part playing such a crude personality?
I played a character named CHEMICAL ALI, he is a hardened, no-nonsense battle scarred veteran, who dances to his own tune. The world as we know it doesn’t exist anymore and he’s found a way to survive and possibly thrive even if the path he’s chosen might be morally flawed.

The effects and costumes in RATNIK is creating quite the buzz. Can you tell us about your transformation for this film and how you coped with it throughout filming?
When I spoke to the Dimeji Ajibola (the director), about the film and he showed me some sketches of what my costume would look like, I was excited, it didn’t immediately occur to me that the drawings on paper would required quite a bit of materials to bring it to life. The costumes was heavy, and because of the weather it was rather hot. It took a little time to put on but the costumier knew to wait until the last possible moment before putting it on me. 

What do you think of Osas Ighodaro’s performance as the lead character in RATNIK?
Osas is a passionate performer and tries to do her best every time she steps in front of the camera. I don’t think this time was any different.  I think she enjoyed working on the project and she was fun to work with. 

What’s the one thing that will blow our minds in RATNIK?
… There are a few things I hope hold up on the big screen. The fight sequences were all choreographed and should hopefully turn out okay, the special effects don’t look bad from what we’ve seen but I guess we’re waiting to see the entire movie and experience with the audience.  Hopefully they’ll love everything about the movie.

Many thanks to Paul Utomi for honouring our editorial interview. RATNIK will be out in Cinemas this November; be sure to go to see it!

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