Her name is Jennifer Chinonye Umeh and she is a small business owner who runs a textile printing venture. Jennifer has often taken to her social media space to speak against bullying because as she proves, she was once a victim.

The CEO who was nicknamed blinky back in her school days would later adopt the very name for her creative business: Blinky Collections. Recently, the hardworking and ambitious lady granted an interview to a journalist with The Nigerian Xpress where she discussed her career path and revisited her ordeals with bullies at school while studying at the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara, and also how she interestingly came up with her said business name.

Soon after the interview was published in a subsequent print issue of the newspaper, Jennifer had shared a photo of herself holding a copy of the publication, hours after she would complain of certain people not welcoming of her story but what followed in the next day or two was something out of hand.

“I just left work right now. I entered go ka da. Some guys blocked me and started beating me. They were calling me Jennifer diary anty bully. Some people stopped to help me. I am currently in the hospital.” Jennifer had just been physically assaulted in an apparent bullying attack.

“I just decided to post this here before I go offline.” She shared online alongside photos of her bleeding on the head and foot as she made her way to a hospital.




Few days after the attack, Jennifer has managed to move on with her life and business as though nothing happened, the unknown persons behind her attack where not cited or at least, not by the victim herself or any security agency for that matter.

Making a new collection of T-shirts, Jennifer is now aiming to pass her anti-bullying message across via fashion.

Variety of T-shirts spells: STOP BULLYING. BLINKY COLLECTION

“Bullying ends with me,” Jennifer said while launching her new movement.

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  1. F! Magazine, you are not being fair with your profession. I hope you know this.

    Do your investigation, do a proper investigation. Everybody applauding her on Facebook do not know her in person. They are only commenting based on what she has been posting. May God forgive them all.
    I know this will be hard to believe. But do your investigation, even to the HOD of the department. You’ll hear what he’ll say.

    This girl is a professional liar who has lied about everything even to her age. Lmao

  2. The media is really messed up. That’s why anybody can just pick up her phone and type anything and it goes viral without any proper investigation. Have you asked her why she keeps blocking all her ex class mates without allowing them tell their side of the story??
    In a class of over 200 students, kindly ask her to pick 5 people to speak in support of her if she will be able to. That girl is a snake that has fought all her helpers the moment they tell her the truth. And she will soon do the same to you helping her. Just mark it.

  3. Liar. Lie from the pit of hell. I bet this lady faked her attack. She either inflicted herself with that injury or she had an accident and framed it up.
    She’s just looking for self pity i swear.
    OK, ask her, who were the people that came to her rescue?? U need to interview them. Did she make an official report at the police station?? If so, let them begin their investigation and you will see that this will backfire. This girl is just like Blessing CEO. And you will soon find out yourself.


    *READ HERE*… The girl faked attack on herself. Read via that link. This is unprofessional. Those she accused are serving in different states across the country. The girl wants cheap popularity

  5. why are you this unwise? you are being so nasty to get yourself a cheap fame that will go down soon. may the heads of the over 200students punish you and wreck u for the libel and slander. you are the evil yourself.

  6. She claim to know those that bullied her let her mention there names so that proper actions can be taken.

  7. PLEASE MENTION THE NAMES WHICH YOU DONT WANT TO MENTION. You this pathetic liar. who are those holding you back from mentioning names. TO HELL WITH YOU BENG MUTE ON MENTIONING NAMES. ERANKO

  8. Why don’t you mention names of those who you have problem with? Escalating it to the police would be great and do stay safe.

  9. Are u kidding me, do u know where all over 200 students are today, we are scattered across d country. To think dat her colleagues did dis to her is so disappointing, is dis how to report a story, is dis how best u can do ur job, have u heard d oda side of dis story u keep publishing. U are being used by a lady who is desperate for publicity, if u really wanna do ur job u shld contact whoever it is dat can give u d oda side of d story. Dis is defamation of d highest level and I’m sure u knw d legal consequences to dis…..

  10. and why do you believe her lies? how can over 200 students attackher. meanwhile we are not in thesame town with. we are scattered over Nigeria. so we dont have work again and the next thing is to go to her place to beat her up. please try to investigae before publishung unneccessary info. THIS IS NOT A GOOD REPORT.

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