In recent times, university graduates sometimes do not practice their profession when they eventually have to pick up jobs in sectors they did not train for as a result of very the limited employment opportunities.

This phenomenon has led to many people thinking that earning a university degree may not be the compulsory step to a successful career after all, and they go on to cite examples with the likes of Bill Gates who did not have to earn a college degree to become one of the world’s richest career icons.

Avid social media user and commentator McManley Manley has taken it a step further by saying university is a scam claiming it’s all a training for false hope.

“You finish university as a graduate, yet you descend to be selling boutique. To defend yourself, sentences like: ‘there’s no job, I have no connection’ becomes the order of the day.” Manley pointed out.

“Did you become a graduate to look for job? Did you waste huge sum of money and lengthy time in the university to wait for a connection?” He asked.

“Friends, you see why university is a SCAM? They give you ‘hope’ with no reality.” The blunt writer concluded.

Do you agree with McManley or do you think he has taken the trending “sabificate-not-certificate” a little too far?

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