Today, I was opportune to talk to a HIV POSITIVE GUY who said to me clearly “Prince as long as I know it’s a girl that gave me this HIV, I must revenge by giving it to girls, I don’t mind paying for the sex as long as I infect them.”

I tried making him see reasons to reconsider his stand but it seem his mind was made up.
I even told him to imagine he sleeps with a cheating girl and infects her and the girl sleeps with her boyfriend who is also cheating and that guy gets infected and now gives it to his side chick which is (your) sister. What goes round, comes around. We must stop!

Listen, Not everyone who has HIV was sleeping around, some of them were raped, some of them got it by trusting wrongly, some of them were born with it (mother to child transmission), some got it while providing care to infected person.

Let’s stop revenge.

HIV is not a death sentence. With all the medications available now, HIV is controllable.

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