The Ministry of Youth and Sports via its minister, Sunday Dare, has announced the commencement of the Nigerian National Youth and Sports awards come 2020. A ceremony aimed at recognizing and appreciating well deserving young persons in the community as well as active individuals in sports.

Speaking at an event in Abuja, Sunday said that the platform will encourage youths to embrace hard work, healthy work ethics and community development and assured that he has gotten the necessary Federal Executive Council approvals that will not only ensure the inaugural edition next year but will see that the event is instutionalized for subsequent editions in future.

The award seeks to recognise and honour youths who have made astounding contributions in the areas of youths and sports development. Reward and recognition are some of the primary needs of man and it is the key to human or personal fulfilment. When persons are recognised and rewarded for their accomplishments, they feel a sense of fulfilment, which remains with them and continues to inspire them to achieve more. It also impacts on those around them, who are inspired to strive towards success and excellence.This is hugely important because today, Nigeria, like many nations, is grappling with issues such as insecurity, corruption, disorientation. These are traceable to breakdown or total loss of societal values as well as a lack of a coordinated and structured reward system.

Sunday Dare, Minister of Youth & Sports

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