You may have heard about Instagram putting an end to the ‘likes’ you see underneath each post. A testing which has since begun in seven countries including Japan and Canada, and now rolling over to the Unites States.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri announced on Friday that the company would begin testing the new feature by the following week. An information which split Instagrammars as it did in the very first time.

Over the years as the social media platform grew widely, it has quickly been linked to bullying, anxiety, depression and according to a study by the Royal Society for Public Health and the Young Health Movement, it is the “worst social media app for mental health.”

But the company’s team are developing ways to make the app less “toxic”, one – by depressurizing the platform, consequently taking off the number of likes which acts as a trigger to mention issues.

Socialite Kim Kardashian has weighed in on the latest move. “As far as mental health… I think taking the likes away and taking that aspect away from [Instagram] would be really beneficial for people,” she said while at a conference at Time Warner Center.

“I know the Instagram team has been having a bunch of conversations with people to get everyone’s take on that and they’re taking it really seriously, and that makes me happy,” Kim who boasts of over 150 million insta followers continued.

The reality star whose rapper husband Kanye West has had several cases of bipolar disorder explained that it takes someone who is mentally strong to withstand the pressures that comes with using the photo-sharing app and fears for the safety of her own children in the near future.

Rapper and new-actress-on-the-block, Card B is also letting her own opinion known. Cardi thinks that likes are not the real problem but the comments instead.

“It’s a big ruckus right now that the likes on Instagram are getting taken away. This is my opinion on it, right? So from the beginning of Instagram, we had likes. And I feel like in the beginning of Instagram, everything was so fun, people wanted to post their pictures, get likes … where I think that Instagram got a little nasty, and it just took a weird turn, was when people started to like the comments, when they were allowed to like comments or reply back to somebody’s comments.” Cardi reviewed via her account.

The Bodak Yellow singer feels the comments section and the features therein have exposed users to much toxicity. “That’s when I feel like when people started sayin’ nasty things … somebody would just say something so vile because … they want comments back. Some people don’t have a life … I see a lot of people dedicate they time into sayin’ some of the craziest, most absurd shit on comments, just for likes and comments back. And I feel like that’s what’s messing up Instagram.” She added.

As we watch how the new features unfold across the United States, it is only a matter of time, most likely before the end of the year, that we experience it for ourselves here in Nigeria.

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