The Taurus is represented by a bull sign and in more abstract art, you would find a circle attached to two pointed lines which represents horns. Just as the bull is tough in real life (picture a charging bull in a ring with a matador), people who belong to this sign are often known to be very stubborn and rigid.

Their fixed nature arise from them being an Earth sign and as such, they are very practical, well-grounded and conservative.

As a result of being ruled by Venus, Tauruses love activities that are related to sensuality like arts, gardening, cooking, music, romance and because Venus is a planet of beauty, Tauruses consequently have high taste in fashion and beauty and would usually like to shop for stylish wears, even if they don’t need them at the time of purchase. When a Taurus sees a unique piece of fashion item, they make a quick move to buy them, and “hoard” them somewhere until they are ready to debut a new look.

But because Tauruses are such well-grounded people, they find it difficult to make sudden changes. If you want them to try out something new or go to a new location, you had better inform them at least a week before!

Tauruses take time to study a potential lover before declaring their love and as loyal and uncompromising people, they give their all to see this love flourish but if by chance, the relationship goes sour and a Taurus falls out of love, there is hardly anything you can do to get them back. It is simply over.

Hardworking, reliable, materialistic, possessive, practical, devoted, this sign is widely referred to as the anchor of all zodiac signs.

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