Veteran actor Pete Edochie lambasted a long tradition of men going on one knee while making a marriage proposal, or at least confidently believes that it is improper for an African man to do so.

Speaking at a recent interview, the popular actor who is widely known for his traditional roles said that a man kneeling to propose to a woman is like handing over his authority to her, for the [woman] to be the head of the house. Instead, he holds fast to the traditional rites which is seen at Igbo weddings where the woman walks around with a cup of wine, finds her husband in a crowd, approaches him, kneels and offers him the cup to drink from.

Edochie rebuked the western culture which has long been imbibed in Nigeria. “Kneeling to propose to a woman is white people’s culture because women dominate there and have more rights than men, it is not the African man’s ways” He said. “I didn’t kneel to propose to my wife and we’ve stayed 50 years in our marriage. I took my time to woo her. When it’s time to settle down, I asked if she’ll marry me and that was it.”

Few weeks ago, the actor was publicly criticized by a popular Twitter user for not being versatile in his career as an actor and sticking to only one kind of movie role. When reached for comments by media houses, he would respond that he does not reply to unimportant talks.

His recent thoughts on marriage proposal has not gotten any feedback or review from celebrities, perhaps because he is feared and respected in the Industry.

We can imagine the many African ladies who are currently awaiting their romantic, fairytale proposal would be like…

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