In this digital age where many people own online businesses, it has become fancy to have a home office. While established entrepreneurs are able to afford an actual office in their home, starters have mastered the art of cleverly carving out a small space out of their living room or bedroom, so long they get the work done.

Social media has managed to glamourize home offices – where you see photos of entrepreneurs working from home in their pyjamas with a large cup of tea and seem to be in total control of their lives but this notion isn’t exactly true.

There is a huge problem with routine when it comes to working from home. At an office setting, there is usually an organised order of getting work done, this order is hard to achieve in a home office setting because no matter how organized you are, some home affairs are sure to trickle into your daily work schedule.

Loss of inspiration is another disadvantage of operating from a home office. There is a certain energy level at an office that cannot be replicated in a home office. Seeing other workers in their smart office outfits actively moving from one point of the workplace to another is enough inspiration, plus the office chats (and gossips). While at home, it may soon get boring and motivation to work fluctuates.

A drive for expansion is lesser when working from home when frankly, you are probably working right next to your bed and have the will to jump on it for a nap (multiple times). You may not be directly challenged and the absence of a “typical” office boss may be too relaxing for your own growth, while as in an actual office, there is a constant desire for a promotion or yearning for better work conditions.

If however you compulsorily work from a home office, one way to not let these disadvantages get the best of you is to pick out days where you work from a public place. You can dress up, pack your work materials and go to a cafe or restaurant or park with minimal distracting movements and work from there.

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