So the year is gradually winding down or do we say some people have already begun the countdown to the end of 2019. Whichever the case, you may at this time be thinking about stocking your wardrobe with a few items for the coming festive season. We thought to arm you with the right information to guard your shopping choices.

In this article, we are peculiarly recommending one of fall’s top colour trends, RED! But this colour trend this year won’t just be a basic red, it will be a shade of red that will make people ask, “is that red?” and then you commence your lecture on the “many” shades of red there is in fashion!

Maroon and Burgundy will be our go-to choices of red. We have picked these exotic shades because of the richness and sophistication there bring.

Meghan Markle is our perfect example when she stepped out in all red. Her ensemble comprised of varying shades which made the full look interesting.


We recommend that you accessorize with gold tones which is a great choice for festive events like Christmas parties. Also, because our recommended colour has a strong impression, try to leave your makeup as minimal as possible.

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